Thanks for the updates!


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I also appreciate your Roxor updates. I am surprised that other Roxor owners have not joined the forum.

I have a five year old RTV x1120 that I use daily on my cattle ranch.

The simplicity of the Roxor design is quite appealing. My frustration with modern farm equipment is too much electronics and too much plastic. And, emission equipment on diesel engines is destroying their traditional reliability and durability. I am tempted to buy a Roxor while they can still be imported.

My only concern about the Roxor is that the larger size would make it less nimble in rough country. I would probably want to keep both.



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Thank ya'll CenTex and Alaskanassasin. I'm learning to love the Roxor more everyday. The turning radius is the main shortcoming so far. That can be adjusted though by manipulating the stop bolts. I just haven't done it yet. And the automatic transmission would sure be nice but cost too much for me- Now that I have a good front and rear bumper and the grabber tires, I'm very happy. And yes indeed - no plastic is really really nice. :) :) :) .
I also put a piece of bull panel behind the seats vertically to catch my hat when it blows off of my head, (haha) and to hold things like a small amount of rolled HT wire and my loopers etc. I had missed not having the mesh screen like what was on the RTV -but not now. :)

edit: some dealers are still participating in a $3000 factory discount on remaining 2018 models. I got a $1000 factory discount when I bought mine but the dealer didn't mention it until I said "no deal" .. when he mentioned a price close to $16 before taxes. I got the base model for a hair less than 14 before state taxes in the end. Must have a working pto to avoid 7% here in Ms. There is a pto under there midway, but needs stuff in order to hook to it so it's not a simple pto as no shaft is showing etc..
Also the stock BFG KO2 tires are just about worthless in mud so no good for a farm. You will dislike them Centex and those tires will turn you to hate the machine itself (being the tires fault ) don't accept those things should you ever decide to pull the trigger. . Right now my practically new BFG KO2s are on a hay wagon because I bought some good grippers for the Rox and have never looked back..
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