Thinning out the woods


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We have approximately 5 acres of wooded property with a pretty heavy canopy of White Oak and Cherry. The floor of the wooded area isn't exactly bare but there isn't really a lot of underbrush and water run off looks like it might become a problem. As I am located in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, water run off is kind of important around here.
Above (uphill) the wood lot is a mini-storage facility with inadequate storm water management. I'm working to resolve that but while I'm doing that I thought it might not be a bad idea to remove some of the tallest, oldest trees and replant with something like White Pine or some other tree that will absorb a lot of water.
I'd get firewood, the wood lot would get new growth and it would create wildlife habitat. At least that's what I think it would do.
Thoughts, ideas and pointers to resources would be most welcome.


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I work a similar Tree Farm, 13 acres of Oaks, Hickory, cedars, Pines and such.
One item.
I fertilize the "sick" trees in the Fall and early Spring. 10 10 10 usualy. Also, a good trunk dose of Malathion mixed with H20, does in the Web Worms at the base of the tree.

I worry about debris. Clearing, carrying and disposal is a continous problem.
I opted for strings of debris limbs parralleling run of (water erosion) areas.
So far, this has developed well. Also, a wet land area for small birds and such.
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