Tiller 72 or 84?


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Hi OldMasterTech. I have a tiller the same size as my tire footprint and it's about all I can handle size wise. I have a small garden anyways but if the rows were any wider, I'd have too much space between my limited # of rows. ( I usually cut it too close when row making because I never leave enough room for grown plants and then the grass starts growing there, just teasing at me. I guess it just depends on how you plan to use it though. ( Now I till once before planting and then use ground cover - a landscape/ erosion control covering . ( It works great but is used so has holes that the grass loves to peak out of . I fluff it and break off the roots very handy stuff but heavy when wet.
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Covering your tracks would be the way I'd go. The extra sticking out by the tires would catch on something as I drive by if it were me. So even if I could handle 84, I'd go 72. JMHO


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Went with the UM-72, this is the only time it will ever be clean!
Had to cut the driveline then tried it on about 1/4 acre, incredible performance and I can sit in the cab with my coffee versus getting beat up behind my old walk-behind unit.
Not to mention it'll take maybe an hour instead of all day.

Thanks for the input! Perfect size.