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Some of you probably remember ... now it's the time of year when I come around hat in hand. I'm looking for new site supporters and renewing site supporters who have not given in awhile. My hosting and ISP renewal bills have already started coming in for next year so I hope to cover those and other anticipated costs for 2017. This year maybe we can cover the whole year. We got close last year but came up a few hundred short partially because of the unplanned solid state disk upgrade.

Expenses do have a way of creeping up each year. I hope your generosity continues and we can cover the biggest part of the expenses. Then I try to fill the gap with advertising that is not to obnoxious.

Please consider parting with a little cash in support of the forums.

Site Supporters groups are as follows:

GOLD Site Supporter $100 a year. (8.34 per month or .28 cents a day.)

Super Site Supporter $50 a year. (4.17 per month or .14 cents a day.)

Site Supporter: $20 a year ( 1.67 per month or .05 cents a day)

To make a donation go to: http://www.forumsforums.com/D1.html
and click on make a donation, or go to your paypal account and click send money, send it to: doc AT forumsforums.com

If you prefer to send a check, PM me or email me for my address (Easy way to PM me, click on my user name above this post, and select PM doc, to email me use the Contact Us button at the bottom of each forum page.)

Note, you can use your visa or mastercard to paypal a donation even if you do not have a paypal account.

Like last year, if you become a site supporter here on NTT, and you frequent one of my other forums, you will get site supporter status there also.

THANKS in advance for your support. :tiphat: :clap: :clap: :clap: