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Hello! Few time ago i have understood that my hobby is tractor design. So, i need some , objective opinion.


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Possible objectives

If I was to design a prototype tractor I would design it to be maneuverable and compact in tight spaces while being gentle on the turf ie. no skid steering. I would also make it easy to work on and repair when needed.

Hope this helps I did not exactly know what you were getting at.


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Very Kewl looking designs but if it is to work as a tractor those slick tires would be near useless. Otherwise I like the very modernistic design.


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I can just picture that thing workin the Mississippi Mud or clearin the snow up here in the great white north.


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i can see that design selling it looks small and could get into alot of tight places. better tires would be great but good smoothe tires would also be a plus for people doing landscapeing.with all the guys going around doing lawncare i could see this thing being used alot. you could make different attachments for it maybe even a hydraulic mower deck it could a a all in one zero turn piece of equipment. you could cut grass in ditchs while staying on level ground. also depending on how long of a arm you have on it you could make a saw attachment to trim tree branches.the potential is endless with this design.