Trans oil milky


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I have a Kubuto and my trans oil is a little white. I think bad oil was used. Can I just change the oil and filters or do I need to take it and have it flushed


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You don't indicate what type of Kubota you have so I am assuming it is a kubota hst tractor or rtv. If you question the hst transmission oil quality or think it is contaminated, replace it with Kubota brand S UDT or UDT2 transmission oil along with the filter.


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What Kanook says. :) If it is "gummy" when you drain it and sticks all thick and nasty,to your finger when you feel in the drain hole and swipe around, it is probably like that on the whole inside and gears too. In that case, I would consider doing an additional change to flush it out. Some folks have used a cheaper trans oil for this as long as it will really be just for a flush and after a few hours go back with the sudt 2 and more new filters. It is your call though.. If it is just a little milky, one change might do it.
I'd check that rubber breather and filler pipe and make sure water isn't getting in there..wondering about the dip stick not seating also.
If it is a tractor, there may be hoses/pipes to drain all the bad transmission oil as well.. We had to do that with our 7420 JD... It had gotten water in it through a loose filler cap. collie


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Milky = Water Contamination.

WC = Total flush with filter replacement.

Just went through this with a new to me RTV 900. Someone put water in the power steering tank that is right next to the radiator overfill tank. I flushed the PS tank about 7 times with ATF, then refilled about halfway with hydraulic oil, drained that, then refilled with SUDT.

Good luck.