Vermeer 604L Baler Issue


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Looking For Help.

I have a 604L that has only 1800 bales through it. Bought it a couple years ago and was working fine until last fall. Seems that it wants to make egg shaped bales a lot of the time. I have my air pressure set at #3 (green) and my hydraulic pressure at #3 (green) also. Seems like the egg shaping starts to happen when the transition from the air to the hydralic takes over and also if I get to the end of the windrow or run out of hay the bale will egg bale and start bouncing in the baler to a point where I just wrap it and kick it out.

Been reading and reading, but finding no solutions.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions would be so greatly appreciated.


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By egg-shape, do you mean larger in the middle than the ends, or 'out of round'?
I'm a LONG way from being a mechanic, but sounds like it might be a 'feeding' issue?


Sorry, not idea. I have noticed some of the bales my JD 530 rolled looked like the center was 'out of round'... the center was closer to one side than the other. I don't remember the baler jumping around tho.
Good luck with it, & please let us know what ya find out.