View from my back yard


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Me and my son this past spring with his first turkey. Got the turkey right behind our house, our land.

Great morning.


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Wow! That's a perfect picture! Congratz to the son ............... :tiphat:


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Good pic Marshall, congrats on the turkey. :thumb:

come on guys, anyone else have a back yard view to share. I'll try to get one posted in the next day or two.....I left the camera on the boat so I have to retrieve it first.


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Hey Marshall, why all the cammo if you popped that thing right behind the house? Couldn't you just shoot it from the back door while wearing shorts and T-shirt? :yankchain::yankchain: Just kiddin'. :yum:

That's a great picture. I bet he was excited. Congrats to him and to his guide. Good job.


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Isn't it great !! Your making lifelong wonderful memories for your son, and yourself.

I fondly remember EVERY hunting trip with my dear departed father. It teaches so many useful life lessons. It was a real treat getting to pass that along to my son a few years back.