Warning .... Warning .... Disk Issues


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An FYI for you all, just in case.
Our disk drive is making funny noises. I'm afraid it is on it's last leg. So I'm getting as much backed up as I can, and planning to order some new hardware.

IF the disk crashes hard it's going to be hard to rebuild. I'll get it done but it will take days rather than hours. I'm taking all the preemptive actions I can but I'm going by the "Hope for the best, plan for the worst" plan of action.
So .... if you cannot connect to either forums forums or Net Cooking talk or net tractor talk that would mean the server is down. If any one of those sites are up, the issue would not be on the server but possibly with your browser.

Don't fret if we are offline for an extended period. We will be back. But it will most likely take a few days. If I have to order parts that I do not have on hand, that will extend the down time to a week or more. I sure hope none of this happens but if it does, I feel better with you all being in the know.

So, please, keep you fingers crossed. (kinda hard to type that way but I'm sure you can handle it. LOL)


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Thanks for the heads up!

I usually use WD-40 on something that makes noise and shouldn't. Never tried it on a hard drive though. :whistling: