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I just wonder how this website started out and how it has evolved since then. I'm not necessarily a frequent visitor here, and even less frequent contributor. But I do find it interesting that the name is Net Tractor Talk yet tractors are rarely discussed here. Example. At this point in time today of thirty one posts on the New Posts page one is on other topics, one is on lawn and garden machinery, one on tractors, and twenty eight on RTV's. Interesting


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It started as a tractor site back in about 2006. Like many forums, it takes time to gain members and even longer to get participants (those that will post).

Agreed that there's not a lot of posts in many of the tractor areas, but there is a pretty significant amount of members (over 11,600).

Back in the day, prior to this forum, Messick's, an excellent Kubota and other manufacturer dealership had a discussion area on their web site. One area that really flourished was the discussion area for the new Kubota product... the RTV. There were a significant amount of discussions on these new machines.

Messick's opted to re-focus their internet presence and managing the forum/discussion boards were sucking up their personnel's time so they opted to remove their forum. Losing their discussion content would be a huge loss for all involved. Messick's and @Doc (our forum owner) worked together and got the content moved over here.

Much of the content was, and still remains based on member's contributions focused on the Kubota RTV. This site is now the premier internet site for discussions on these machines. There's around 4800 threads with over 61,000 posts just related to the RTV.

Hope this helps.


That makes sense. I stumbled onto the site a few years back and was surprised at the focus on RTV's, but I guess this explains why that is.

Thank you
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