What Brand of Diesel Treatment Do You Use?


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My neighbor scolded me for not using some kind of diesel treatment in the RTV, the BX and the 5 gal diesel cans.

I don't usually have to operate them in subzero weather but you never know.

He suggested "Howes Diesel Treat" but there are many others out there. Any of them better than that?

And is there one treatment that prevents winter gelling and that algae stuff that grows in diesel in the summer?



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I use Power Service for gelling and algae. I also use SeaFoam for fuel treatment.


I use the Power Service white bottle. It is available at multiple locations near me. Removes water, prevents jelling and boosts cetane.


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I've always used Power Service in the white bottle also. Only gelling problems was when I used Howes.


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We use Power Service in all our diesel equipment.

Silver in the summer and white in the winter.

A few winters back here in Michigan we dipped to -30F actual temps and the PS white did it’s job and kept everything starting and running.


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I live where it never gets below 15F so I don’t use anti-gel…. but I do use a biocide “Biobor-JF” because it was approved to use in the jets I used to fly. I also use Stabil Diesel additive (although that may not truly be necessary) in my 160-gal storage tank. I use about one storage-tank full each year.

Project Farm runs some very good videos testing various products… Here’s the one about diesel anti-gel additives:


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Everyone has their favorites but here's what I experienced in my 36 years of trucking. I had started using Power Service in my C13 and C15 Cat's. We have good fuel up here and have never had a water issue, but in 05 when all this emission stuff started to get going I decided to use it just for the extra lubricity with these new high injection pressures.
Then I got into hauling RV trailers for a two years when trucking got bad around 2008, with my Superduty Powerstroke. I was running Power Service in it. One day while running across Coldwater Michigan on my way to Indiana to pick up a trailer my check engine light came on and my 6.0 PS started running like....well, a P.O.S. LOL
I went to a Ford dealer and they said two injectors died. But they were too busy to get me in so they said I would make it home but it would run rough and fuel mileage would suffer.
So I had to get fuel and figured I'd put more conditioner in. The fuel stop did not have Power Service but they had Howes which I knew nothing about. I put it in and within ten minutes on the freeway truck started running perfect again. It unstuck the injectors.
Not a scientific test, but enough it had me sold from then on. I even put it in my furnace oil tank. I have used it in all my tractors from new.

So that's all I know.....2 injectors stuck with Power Service in my fuel and Howes unstuck them.

Only other brand I tried was Caterpillar. My Cat shop guy gave me a bottle once and he said "I'm like a drug dealer because once you try this you won't stop" Well I did stop because it wasn't cheap but in my big Cat's I could actually feel an increase in power and throttle response.