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Hi all,
This is a little late in coming, but I would like to share my vision for NTT.

NTT (Net Tractor Talk) is one of two forums that I run.
Forums Forums (also known as FF) is the other. FF came along first. It is a place to discuss anything, and most anything goes as long as you are civil.
I even said something similar in my 1st post on this forum.

I want NTT to be full of technical info on how do accomplish various tasks, how to use your equipment, what tool is best for certain types of jobs, etc...
I want to use both forums to compliment each other, but maintain different standards on both.
The mods are all on board with this vision and support the concept. My goal is to make NTT self supporting within two years. This will be done with advertising and site supporter donations.
I hope this fits with your expectations for a quality tractor forum. I also hope you will join ForumsForums for adult oriented jokes and entertainment.
Feel free to PM me with suggestions to improve NTT.
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