Work lights.


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I have an RTV 1100C, I STARTED TO INSTALL SOME AFTER MARKET LIGHTS ( LED) FRONT and rear, I was told my front light will be too big for the factory relay, but that the two rear 4x4 lights should be fine, I have a factory roof mounted console that has several switch blanks mounted, but I can not find any loose wires to hook switches up to from factory, I did find the rear two wire plug in the rear inside the rubber block seal under the mounting plates, can anyone lend a hand with locations? Thank you!!


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They should be taped up behind the console. Take the 2 screws off and remove the console if you haven't already. One plug is for the radio, the blue plug is for the rear lights and the whitish clear one is for the front lights.
Easiest is to pony up and pay for the lighted Kubota front and rear switches then it's just plug and play.


Kubota front light switch part number T1065-75360
Rear light switch T1065-75370
They are not cheap!
The price of OEM switches are outrageous. When I installed my two front LED lights and a rear LED light, I bought two blue lighted switches off Ebay and removed the OEM plug and wired them for the switches.

I've use these guys for most of my projects. Terminal arrangement is same as most OE requirements i.e. Plug and Play. They have the ability to laser etch whatever symbol or text you want on the rocker face. I found pricing and delivery very reasonable. Just another source to consider.
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