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I am new to net tractor talk. I recently purchased a restored YM226D. It has a Buhler loader, bush hog, and rear blade but no ROPS. I am a contractor and use this tractor for loader work, bush hogging and all kinds of things that we all use our tractors for. Of coarse I add the tractor to my insurance and they want a ROPS. Didnt come with one. Do any of you guys know where I can get a ROPS for this tractor?:confused2: Thanks in advance for the help!


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Fredricks Equipment (Alabama) contracted a US manufacturer of ROPS to build them for their gray market imports. I think this manufacturer is the same firm who built for Yanmar back when Yanmar had dealers here 30 years ago. That manufacturer provides ROPS for a wide variety of equipment.

Since you are in Colorado, Hoyetractor of Texas might offer a better price for this ROPS wholesaled from Fredricks. I bought mine from Hoye. The certification said it was manufactured in Michigan as I recall, so shipping might cost the same from either.

So far as I know there is only one other US-certified ROPS on the market and that other one doesn't fold. I wouldn't consider that one.
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California, Thanks. I will look into Fredricks and see what I can find. I might try to get in contact with my local general tractor dealer and see if he can find one. Thanks again