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How bad is it to replace the Postive Trac, Differental Lock Rod that goes thru housing on a 80 model JD2040 2WD? Second hand tractor, handle and rod is broken off even with housing when purchased.
My rtv500 with 80 hrs will not go into gear. The shifter will not move into R or D? 4wd and lock work fine but it is “ stuck” in N. There is no grinding. Thoughts?
hello im new to the forum . i have just bought a 2011 kubota rtv in camo . man this thing is nice .
Dear Net Tractor Talk,
Was there a thread about converting an automotive SHOCK ABSORBER to a hydraulic RAM..? What success by members?
thank you for the quick response ,under options display change decending to ascending and from beginning to last week please

Doc, received this message when I was going to upload pictures of blade on Gator 835m

Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing.

If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe the action you performed before you received this error.

Tried both chrome and firefox to see if it was me. Let me know if I have to do something different, first time this message has showed up.

Hey Peanut, I have an RTV-X1120. It has an shield covering the outside axle shaft boot but nothing protecting the inside boot - closer to the diff. Is this something you manufacture or just the RTV models?

Thanks - Tony
Hey I just got your question, I bumped the posts to the top of the threads the other day but authuritus is the one to contact he also has a service manual that is step by step good luck

I saw some of your pictures of your RTV. I really like the hood rack and have been wanting to make one for mine. Think you could explain what you did with yours and take some more detailed pics of it, especially the attachment points?

2005 RTV 900 front struts are shot. It’s listed as a KRTV900 A51036324
I’ve gotten a lot of great info from this site without having to ask any questions, but now I have a two part question
My RTV 900 has the factory metal roof. Would the heavy duty front struts result in a very stiff ride. Kubota wants $$$$ for regular front struts. Messicks only sells the heavy duty struts for $$
Secondly, I’ve read elsewhere the struts can be replaced without removing the tie rod and knuckle, but my service manual says otherwise. Does anyone have experience replacing the struts on my model RTV that can offer some guidance. Thanks
Hi - I am having issues trying to post threads over on ForumsForum. I am planning to design & build my version of the "Swamp Thing" Snowcat and I thought it would be a good place to have a build thread. I don't have permission to do anything over there - please fix it. Thanks.
Was following up on your use of an electric actuator for your Kubota as a lift bed. Did you abandon the idea or come up with a different system that worked?

Thanks. Carl Beyer