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    New tires for XUV835M

    Anchor, I put the same size tires on the vehicle as OEM. They have worked great, no issues at all.
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    Is the X1100C a good machine to plow snow?

    I had a x900 with the boss vplow and had the same issues. I now have a Gator 835m, full cab with heat and air. No issues yet with pushing snow.
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    Found a DEALER

    Kind of dealer everyone should have. Great Find!
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    if Kubota would grant my wish

    I would want the forward/reverse single pedal. That would be a great feature. Quieter cab also.
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    Mahindra Roxor Forum now OPEN

    Good luck with the new vehicle. Hope it meets your needs. I went with the Gator after my X900 Kubota. Since I don't use it for heavy work like you do, it should be fine for me. Especially the creature comforts.
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    Mahindra Roxor

    Nice vehicle, I never thought I would have anything other than a Kubota RTV, but after driving the 835M Gator, I'm glad I switched. For what I use it for it will be great. Good luck with the new "jeep", like they said keep us uptodate on your new vehicle.
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    New tires for XUV835M

    Used Gator to push snow with the new tires, they worked fine, no issues As far as I could tell tires did not "cake" up with snow. So far they are just what I wanted. Very happy with the results of the change.
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    New tires for XUV835M

    They are Tusk Terrabite Radial Tires. Bought them from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Delivered by Fed Ex. Took 2 days from date of order to receive them. These were shipped from Lexington Kentucky.
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    New tires for XUV835M

    Bought different tires for the Gator. I had the maxxis bighorns on the Gator. Since I don't go trail riding, I didn't need these type tires. They sound like tractor tires going down the road. The new tires are probably 50-75% quieter. I really like them. We are supposed to get 6...
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    Installed Rubber Mat on Snow Blade today before snow came in.

    Right at 200 lbs, really looked like it did s pretty good job . Wind was blowing 25 to 30 miles a hour, so it was really a waste of time but I wanted to try it out. This gator has such a good heater in it that I could plow snow in my T-shirt.
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    Installed Rubber Mat on Snow Blade today before snow came in.

    Installed Horse Mat material to the blade today, seen where some say it will protect backtop some. Made it so I could flip it over when one side wears out. Tried it out tonight and it work pretty good. Just have to see how it last. Bought a 4' x 6' 3/4 inch mat for 39.00. I use a 5 inch strip...
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    First Big Snow for the 835M today

    Had to pump the brakes to move from drive to reverse. Pressure build up in the hydraulic system. There was an adjustment on the rear of the machine that the dealer adjusted but sometimes it still acted up. Gator no issue at all. I know they are 2 different drive systems between the Gator...
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    First Big Snow for the 835M today

    Mine is a french bull dog, it is an inside dog that likes to ride on the Gator. :doggy: We didn't get the snow like you have in the picture. St Louis had 8-15" depending on where you lived. We had probably 5-7 inches of snow. Cleaned my drive, 100 year old neighbor's drive, country road, and...
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    First Big Snow for the 835M today

    Will be out there early tomorrow morning, have to clean off a spot for the dog. Then the work (play) will begin. Sprayed the blade with fluid film today, filled up the Gator and checked the pins on the connections to be ready. First real time using the Gator for snow, so I will have to see...