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    Battery Emergency cut-off installed

    It's the safest way but I put mine on the positive terminal. Disconnecting the negative terminal does nothing if the positive side anywhere has grounded causing the short. I also don't mount mine on the battery, to close to the source of the problem if it's the battery. If you need a constant...
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    How do you make a cat a barn cat?

    I suspect that some are just born with the instinct. My daughter got a cat from a local farmer when she was young and it settled into the house. It was a neutered female that kept her claws as she would only sharpen them on my basement shop door post and never touched the furniture. As she aged...
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    '12 RTV 1100 fuel tank issues.

    Good on you for helping your neighbor. New is expensive but you can find a good used one for 1/3 of the new price. I did that 7 years ago and have been plowing up to 1500 feet of drives including a couple neighbors and other chores like hauling wood and other yard needs.
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    Here's a "Talk About Anything" thread - 2021 edition

    Happy birthday, you've got me by a year. As my doc says, you've come to the point that age is just a number, condition is much more important.
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    Going to purchase a X1100C

    As Doc described my 04 900 does that sometimes until I lift the blade. So I just automatically start to raise the blade before I shift.
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    Badlands 5000 Winch on RTV 900

    Here's an old post on the topic. I mounted mine so I can use it in either the front or back receiver on my 900. It's hard to pull forward when the plow is mounted or the obstetrical is in front of the RV.
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    2004 RTV900 4 wheel drive question

    My linkage still feels normal - A fair amount of resistance - when I go between 2 and 4 wheel drive. The lever on the trans moves as it should. I disconnected the linkage and the trans lever doesn't move any further so it's not an adjustment issue. I still don't have 4 wheel drive and all the...
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    Tire Sealant Recommendations

    A couple of solutions here using either sealant or foam filling.
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    Lets talk tires one more time

    This should help on OD of the differing sizes. Looks like you're good.
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    Let me suggest that you get some cardboard or heavypaper and start taping together pieces in the shape of the floor just like vinyl floor installers do. It's worked for me on a number of old cars. There should be any number of videos on youtube if you need a visual.
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    RTV 500 Cooling Fan Running Constantly

    Bingo, the sensor works by completing the ground so there's current flow to ground somewhere in the wiring.
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    New here from Canada. 2011 rtv 1100 project

    Fair enough, I understand where you are coming from. It will be a great machine for what you want to do with it.
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    New here from Canada. 2011 rtv 1100 project

    While I appreciate the small size of your location I suspect that delivery companies deliver to Newfoundland. This is TSC corp. in the states and their muffler listings that gives pipe sizes and dimensions. I'm not suggesting that you order from them or even the US as shipping can get expensive...
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    New here from Canada. 2011 rtv 1100 project

    The magic words, Welder by trade. If I had the connection to the engine manifold, I'd just find exhaust pipe the size(approx.) you need and weld it up. Same with the muffler, I'd locate an inexpensive one at the local farm store and go from there. If you need pipe bent, go to the local muffler...