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    RTV-X1100C Recall

    Tell them yours is stored waay out in the boonies and you’ll do the labor yourself… just hand you the replacement mats. :whistling:
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    aux wiring rtv1100c

    Only if connected thru a powered switch.
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    Always Hot Battery Power Lead

    12 volt photocell should work in this application...
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    In frame rebuild?

    That would depend upon the cause for loss of compression. It it’s only due to problems in the head….(gasket, valves, crack, etc) ….then it would be simpler in-situ. If the lower-end had to be repaired … then certainly pulling the engine makes sense. ”blow bye”..?? What do you mean by...
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    locked out of forum

    Who the hell would want only 1 Kubota…?? (LOLOL)
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    x1100c ...What is the difference between H and L

    When I was shopping two years ago I visited a local ATV dealer and out back of their shop they had hidden all the burned out/up Polaris’s. They were a dealer of several different mfr’s and told me they were dropping Polaris as soon as their contract timed-out.
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    Ford 8N value?

    We just sold a 9N in excellent running condition (rebuilt/resleeved engine and 12V alternator system and new radiator) and no leaks with 70% rear tires and new front wheels/rims/tires….but not a restoration). for $1800 in the Shreveport area. It took a couple weeks advertised for $2K on CL to...
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    Doors for RTV X900

    Get a warm coat. ;)
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    Always Hot Battery Power Lead

    Paw-Paw, the cigar-lighter/power-outlet should be “hot” all the time. (Mine had a blown fuse*…. it’s not a real 35 amp cigar-lighter like in the old-days….it’s really only a low-power outlet good for a few amps.) I use it for my cell ph charger but it should be capable of powering a dome...
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    Kubota RTV 900 stops abruptly

    The Kubota RTV series uses a tractor-type system which has no “coast down”. It‘s normal for a Kubota. Get used to letting up on the go-pedal gradually instead of suddenly. You will learn to like it…. especially when going down-hill and finding the vehicle doesn’t run-away with you. Think of...
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    Estimated RTV Delivery

    I had/have a pin-on loader and didn’t want to lose lifting capability by adding a SSQA …and found a guy in Canada who makes a type of adapter which works similar to the old Kubota pin-on-adaptor…. It’s a real simple solution to pin-on loader and attachments. Here’s a video of a guy using them...
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    Here's a "Talk About Anything" thread - 2021 edition

    OK..SouthEast Arkansas then…. My family is all around Hot Springs, Glenwood, Caddo Gap and SouthWestern AR.
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    Estimated RTV Delivery

    New 2020 models In-Stock and instant available in Star, Tx according to the internet ads.
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    Here's a "Talk About Anything" thread - 2021 edition

    Tell us about the AR “old home place”.… reminds me of our AR old home place when it sold (Montgomery County… lots of our family history in that area…Tacketts, Nicholsons, Driggers, …)