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  • Hey Peanut, I have an RTV-X1120. It has an shield covering the outside axle shaft boot but nothing protecting the inside boot - closer to the diff. Is this something you manufacture or just the RTV models?

    Thanks - Tony
    Hi Peanut,

    I've been on the site going over a lot of the pages and your name comes up a lot for a lot of different accessories for the RTVs. I have a 2017 RTV x1100c. What accessories have you made for this model? I might be interested. So far I've seen bed rails and stick stoppers.

    I'm buying a RTV900 next week and NEED a set of your StickStoppers, Peanut! Let me know how to contact you to order a set.

    (from Houma but now in N. Texas)
    (214) 842-9088
    How do I go about getting a pair of the stick guards I hear so much about?? Please let me know.

    Cliff LaForce


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