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  • Yes I would suspect that the neutral adjustment is off.

    Mine was off quite a bit, so said the Kubota mechanics.

    And the only method for adjusting is with low pressure gauges.

    The rest, as noted in my new instructions, can be done as DIY project.

    Although, when they had the gauges hooked up, it would be nice to dial in the HST rod at the same time.

    Adams Repair notes you can't move that HST lever too much with the low pressure gauges hooked up else you will blow them up, he's already done that once.

    Jim at Adams Repair seems like a great wealth of information and certainly helped me get the theory straight on these HST transmissions.

    I can't test, as I've sold my RTV, but my feelings are that the HST rod adjustment not reaching max range might not be all that critical. You probably would lose a mile or two in top speed but easy of shifting is the bigger gain. Hopefully with the neutral screw adjusted some of the HST rod adjustment will return.

    Good Luck.
    I was using your thread for RTV HST Adjustments on my 2010 Kubota RTV900 with 60hours. Questions at end.

    Throttle Cable and Engine Throttle ~ Adjusted
    Servo Screw ~ Did not Adjust
    HST Lever ~ After taking HST rod off and pushing forward to mark max travel, I found it was more than a 1/4" off from where it should be. I adjusted that to the .040" off wide open by adjusting the rod.
    Adjusting Neutral screw~ I found you had updated that your instructions since I had printed them recommending that it should be adjusted by the dealer. Before that, I had disconnected the HST rod, ran the engine at full throttle, and found that the wheel did not turn.
    After I reconnected the HST rod, started the engine I found I could not get in gear. I had to adjust the HST rod back out to allow it to go in gear. HST lever is back to being more than 1/4" off.

    Does it sound like my neutral adjustment is way off and I'll have to take it to the dealer for them to balance the pressure ?
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