2008 1100 rtv remote start?


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Winter is upon us and I'd like to install a remote start kit on my rtv. Anyone done this can help with some wiring info?

I've seen one that's plug and play for the X model but not sure about the earlier ones. I'll try to find it again and I'll post info when I do.



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I just sent the dirty teeth racing folks an e-mail asking if they have a compatible kit for 2008 models. Will let you know if I hear back.
For anyone that comes along in the future, I did get a remote start system working on my RTV. I used the system listed below from Amazon, costs only 53.00! You can connect the whole system from just behind the dash cluster and 1 wire needs to go to the brake switch. The system can be configured to fire the glow plugs for 15-45 seconds before trying to start the machine.

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