2014 Cabela's LM35H - Electrical assistance needed


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Hello all, this is my first post, thank you for allowing me to participate in the forum. I am looking forward to learning from and sharing info with the forum.

2014 Cabelas LM35H Tractor 4x4
Serial Number: 35NJG00008
Model: Agricultural Tractor LM35H
Type: 4 Cycle Diesel
Engine: 35ps / 2700 RPM
Manufacturer: Tong Yang Moolsaw Co., Ltd (TYM)
Brand: Cabela's

BLUF: The "fuel shut off solenoid" stays electrically charged (hot) once started, unable to turn-off with key switch, burning up wires.

REQUEST: I am in need of the electrical wiring diagram for my 2014 Cabela's LM35H tractor.

QUESTION: Is there a difference in the control assembly for a TYM 354H (Part Number: 1472-680-210-2) and a Cabela's LM35H (Part Number: 1472-680-210-3)?

ENVIRONMENTALS: Replaced Wiring Harnesses, Relays and Controller Assembly after a SNAFU that burnt up the EOM wiring harness. Everything appears to be functioning fine with one exception, the "fuel shut off solenoid" stays electrically charged (hot) once started. The local John Deere dealership has been helping me out, though we have not been successful in finding the Cabela's wiring diagram for this tractor. We do have the TYM shop manual, though it leaves much to be desired and has not proven to be of value with respect to this issue.

NARRATIVE SITREP: I purchased this tractor approximately 6 months ago from the original owner. At the time it had 14.1 hours logged, not a single scratch and nipples on the tires. The tractor was 100% operational, not a single issue and it worked perfectly for my needs.

Fast forward 3 months, a little over 30 hours logged, and it had been setting unused for about a week prior.
Sunday morning at 0600 my dogs start barking and I awake to my tractor sitting under the lean-to..... "running". No one is around (validated through security cameras), the key is NOT in the ignition, but sure enough..... it's just sitting there running (thought it was God's way of telling me to get to work).

I drove it to the garage to investigate, but by the time I got there the wiring harness had already began to burn up. After shedding a tear, I reached out to the local TYM dealer requesting assistance. They were more than happy to sell me parts, but did not have the man power to take on the job of repairing my tractor. After replacing the main and dash wiring harnesses as well as the battery terminals, I started the tractor, which immediately led to the new wiring harness going up in smoke.

Since then it has been at the JD Dealer, it's all back together, but the "fuel shut off solenoid" stays electrically charged (hot) once started.

I've reached out to Cabela's where the tractor was originally purchased, who were extremely nice, they pointed me to the company that services their tractors. Everyone thus far has been very pleasant to interact with, but nobody seems to be able to crack the riddle of the "fuel shut off solenoid" staying hot.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm not sure if many of our members own that model of tractor or it's TYM equivalent.
If the workshop manual was of no help and you haven't been able to locate a wiring diagram, don't know where to have you turn.


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Thanks Ohio. Spoke with the local TYM dealer today and ordered the OEM Control Assembly that matches the part name and number. Hopefully this will help, if nothing else, rule out one more thing.
Going to keep chipping away at it, though I am reaching the point where the cost of repairs will soon exceed the value of the tractor (when it's operable).


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The root cause of initial issue with the wiring harness melting is still unknown.
However, there were a few anomalies prior to this event.
One day the tractor would not start, acted like the battery was dead.
Put a jump-pack on it, nothing changed.
I checked the connections and nothing appeared to be amiss.
Tried jumping it from my truck, still nothing.
The next day, started right up like there wasn't ever an issue at all.
This was weird, but at the time, seemed inconsequential being as though the tractor appeared to be working fine.
So I wrote if off as an anomaly.
Then a week or so later, that is when the tractor became possessed and started by itself and ultimately caught on fire (wiring harness).

After the initial SNAFU, I replaced both wiring harnesses and battery cables.
The tractor would not do anything, no power could be verified through looking at the dash once everything was connected. It would not start, turn-over or even display a light on the dash.
In trying to determine what the issue was, I admittedly smoked the 2d set of harnesses when I switched two connectors polarity (instant smoke show).

After that, I called around looking for a shop that would take a look at the tractor. The local TYM dealer wouldn't, he gave me a number to call, they wouldn't either.
I called 5-6 places in NC, none would work on the tractor.
Finally I called called John Deere, who said bring it on down, we will take a look, though we typically don't work on those (TYM or Cabela's).
I reordered the following parts (last four digits of the part number in parenthesis) and delivered it all to John Deere when I dropped the tractor off:
- Main Wiring Harness (3001)
- Engine Wiring Harness (2000)
- 5 Prong Relays (2901)
- Pre Heat Relat (1110)
- Glow Time Switch (2100)
- Controllers (2102)
- Ignition Switch (2402)

Where are we now
The Fuel Shut-Off Solenoid is staying electrically charged (constantly on vice momentary on) once the tractor is started.
The electrical signal should be momentary to the Fuel Shut Off Solenoid, just long enough to retract the plunger and allow for fuel to flow.
However, with the constant charge there are are problems that result:
1 - The tractor will continue to run when the ignition (key) is switched to off
2 - The constant electrical charge heats up the wires until they melt.
3- The constant electrical charge and heat destroy the fuel shut off solenoid.

In the initial videos I posted, the starter itself was staying engaged. The root cause of that issue still remains unsolved. However, it became OBE (overcome by events) once the new wiring harnesses (engine & main) were installed (it only happened the initial time, not since).

Earlier this week I realized the Controller Assembly that I purchased had a different part number and part name. The TYM rep says "it should work". Regardless, I purchased another Controller Assembly with the exact same Part Number, it should be in this week.
This also begs the question, did I get the correct wiring harnesses? Seeing as though the original was badly burnt, it was difficult to do a side-by-side comparison,though they did marry-up to the fittings on the tractor.

All the relays were metered & tested.
All grounds and connections validated.

Thanks again for your assistance!