Beach at Keramoti of Kavala Greece at full moon


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Good evening to all! This is my close beach from my home,6 km only, i grow up here!
A short video from the beach of Keramoti in Kavala - Greece the day before yesterday with the full moon, Straberry moon some says.
The video was made with a unique lighting of the moon.
Was done to test shots in the 'absolute darkness'.
Difficult case, since I do not have a faster lens, I have the Tamron 28 75 f2.8.
The relevant compression was done by ytube, which also did some 'damage'.
Here is the video and happy summer to all!


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I watched it twice looked like a relaxing time, the tune made it enjoyable it was almost like I was there even though this is 10,000 mile from me in ME.....