Chainsaw Stihl MS 170 and Y55 Chain


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Hey All,

I put a new blade on the chainsaw but it seems way too tight in the bar. First chain I've changed so I've got a question.

Packaging says it's good for Stihl and it's a Y55 type. Is it just a matter of getting it turning so it breaks itself in a bit? Or should I try another chain?


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Is this a little baby chainsaw?

I have a Ryobi 18 volt chainsaw and discovered it takes a non-standard chain. The slot in the bar is .043 as I recall instead of the standard .050. That chain is primarily used on pole pruner chainsaws.

If yours is similar search in Amazon for .043 chain. I wrote a review there for that specialty chain.


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You got it, it's a little gas powered 16" bar. And you are correct in that it appears to be .043. Learn something new everyday. Thanks for your help.