CPSC Recalls Fuel Hoses


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I am posting this in the general forum because so many members have a dieseltractor . I'll post it in the RTV section too for the members that have diesel RTV's and might use these fuel hoses.

CPSC announced the recall of 6.700 fuel hoses. The recall indicates that the crimp on the fuel hose can loosen, causing fuel to leak, posing a fire and explosion hazard. There have been no reports of incidents or injuries. The recalled hoses were manufactured in the US and eligible to bear UL’s US and Canadian Certification Marks. Link to the recall: http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Recalls/2014/Franklin-Fueling-Systems-Recalls-Hardwall-Fuel-Curb-Hose/
From UL
The hose and fittings are pictured here