Cub Cadet ZF SZ60 maintenance questions

Iron mike

Hi guys.

first time in this part of the forums, mostly spend my time in the RTV forum. ?.

I have a 2014 Cub Cadet ZF SZ60 Commercial model for my acerage use. Been almost hassle free, a broken belt and bolts on the deck backing off have been the only issues in the 6 years 300 hours of mowing.

I do a oil change with filter every spring, and new blades every two years and replaced the deck belt two years ago after it broke at 200 hours.

This spring I was going to do a hydro oil change, new filters and new oil, this is more of a preventative measure on my part. Is it worth it? And what’s the best oil to use? Being a Kubota owner i have learnt using the wrong hydro oil can be costly. The manual says 5w 50 motor oil, is this correct? Doesn't quite sound right.

also what’s the difference between medium lift and high lift blades? I usually use the extreme medium lift blades but just noticed there is a high lift version on the 20” blade.