Emission Standard for Small Diesel's


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My Massey dealer tells me there will be significant price increases for an emission standard upgrade coming next year. This was one of the reasons I chose to upgrade my Massey Ferguson GC2310 now to a GC1710TLB. I did some research and did find a tier 4 standard for 2013 that requires motors less than 25 hp have a 10x reduction in particulate matter and 50% reduction in NOx. I would assume now he is correct. I'm no rocket scientist but I am a volunteer fireman and served on a few truck committees to spec new fire trucks, that experience tells me this all translates into higher costs to us the consumer. We had major problems with Detroit Diesels after the 1st go around with the emissions upgrade. And the bottom line is all these regulations they put out are killing the engine companies...they can't put out a good product because of it! I have an '08 Ford Diesel and was thinking of trading up, now it looks like I might be going back to a gas engine. If anyone has any info on this, its greatly appreciated...

FYI...Navistar stock dropped 7% yesterday, the president of the company blames excessive right offs due to warranty claims on their new engines!

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All this crap they keep adding to engines makes them less and less efficient. Therefore, you need more horsepower and more fuel to do the same work. It's an endless circle. Damn greenies.