First mow of the season


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I think I plowed snow once or twice. Probably 4" each time.
Still too muddy here to mow. We got 4" of rain in the last week.
It's in the 50's here as well. Right now I'm doing some pressure washing. Mulch and planting later.


@ETF Did you look at this thread? He's having an ant problem. Maybe you have some insights.

Yes I saw it. I put out granules for grubs about 2 or 3 times a year on about an acre of the yard surrounding the house. I use a Scott's push broadcast spreader. It's hard work at my advanced age. The other 3 acres of yard I spray with SEVIN. That's a lot easier. I do it to keep the hogs out of the yard and it's been successful for the past three years. The ants on the other hand are just a constant battle. I can semi keep them under control by spraying but the pastures surrounding the house and yard are a fertile breeding ground.