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  • Doc, received this message when I was going to upload pictures of blade on Gator 835m

    Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing.

    If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe the action you performed before you received this error.

    Tried both chrome and firefox to see if it was me. Let me know if I have to do something different, first time this message has showed up.

    Hi - I am having issues trying to post threads over on ForumsForum. I am planning to design & build my version of the "Swamp Thing" Snowcat and I thought it would be a good place to have a build thread. I don't have permission to do anything over there - please fix it. Thanks.
    Just to let you know that when I registered, Microsoft (live) email put you in the spam folder. I found it there and clicked that it was not spam. (Hopefully it will help let Microsoft email know for others that you are not spam).
    I checked Cajunrotor and your email address is already the aol one. So you should be good. gmail is still a pain...not working correctly.
    Hi Doc,

    Are you still having trouble with gmail addresses? If so, please change my email address from:


    Earl Fields
    Just saw all the RTV posts under Kubota forum. Never knew folks were posting RTV stuff there. Do yall not move them to the RTV forum?
    Doc,That time of the year sucks trust me i know.As soon as I get my site all payed up name servers and so forth ill try to send you something to help support your site.
    As I find it usefull and i have good friends here some way ill get you something.May not be a lot but a little help anyways.


    Yep, moved FF to a new server. We moved NTT a few weeks ago so all the moving is done for now, thank goodness.

    I donated $20 yesterday. It should have come through under my name, Larry Bible. I couldn't offer much, but I hope it's enough to help.

    Good luck,
    Sorry to hear that Jerry. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Thank goodness you had the good sense to act and not wait and hope you got to feeling better.
    We'll be looking for you once you get to feeling better. We'll leave the light on for ya. :D :thumb:
    Doc, one of the reasons I havent been to active on the other forum is at about 0330 friday morn I woke up with a strong feeling that all was not right with me.Checked my blood sugar and it was within specks so did a blood preasure and got a reading of 188/103 Headed to the va and by noon aprox, I was getting a rotoruter job and a stent so sat and sunday I sort of hung out, Did get on and here and read the mail but other than that been taking it easy........Today started puting sideing up but am taking it easy Later Jerry.
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