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    Sawmilling days

    Do you treat the lumber you plan to use outside?
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    L3130 Kubota

    Welcome to NTT. I'll be following as I have a 19 yr old 3010
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    How Many Hours

    I saw 760 on an 06 900RTV I sold a few years ago. That is the most hours I've put on one. My current x1100c has 210 hours. Barely broke in. But I'd guess bordercollie is our member who has put the most hours on a RTV. She has run them up over 4k hours or more before she sold them.
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    X1100C sled test

    I'll 2nd that. Thank you sir!!!! :tiphat:
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    RTV x1100c drops to 7mph on some hills

    I've done that and it drops way more than 2mph. more like 5.
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    Plug in for winch nowhere to be found.

    Awesome idea. I didn't realize you could turn a plug in winch to a wireless that easy. Very kewl.
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    Plug in for winch nowhere to be found.

    Good thought Jim. Will check that. Piss poor work if that is what they did, but sure worth checking.
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    Plug in for winch nowhere to be found.

    It has me thinking they forgot. The place that the previous owner bought it from sold the dealership 3 months after he bought it. The new dealership installed the turn signals for me and gave me suggestions of where it might be (to the right or left of the steering wheel) but so joy. Will...
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    It's Home!!

    Congrats. I'll 2nd what Mork said. :clap: :clap: :clap:
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    Plug in for winch nowhere to be found.

    That would sure be a handy spot for it. Mine is not there.
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    Steering RTV x1100c

    Ahh okay. Yep I saw that. I didn't realize they considered it a problem and were trying to fix it. :bonk:
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    Steering RTV x1100c

    What steering wheel problem are you talking of? :confused:
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    Guns and targets

    Wow. Outstanding video. Well done and explained. Lucky lucky guy. Damn. Great find ...Thanks for sharing OldPath. Had to share this on FF for the firearms enthusiasts there. I did give you credit for the find. :D...
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    RTV x1100c drops to 7mph on some hills

    Were those speeds from your digital dash speedo or GPS? I have 27's on mine and for the life of me could not understand how that increased my top speed. The tires are bigger and heavier than what was on there before. I guess it's due to circumference. Each turn of the center the outside...
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    Steering RTV x1100c

    Just back from a 30+ mile drive on back country roads. Beautiful day here. I noticed an anomaly about the steering. Don't know if it's normal or I might have an issue. Previous owner put one of those knobs on the steering wheel that assist with steering. Wife likes it so I left it on. I...