Ford 8N value?


I have a restored 1949 Ford 8N listed in the classifieds with pictures. Does anyone know here what the going value should be for one of these? Thanks for input


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Been looking around a little more. The $3500 I previously stated may be a bit high in today's market.


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We just sold a 9N in excellent running condition (rebuilt/resleeved engine and 12V alternator system and new radiator) and no leaks with 70% rear tires and new front wheels/rims/tires….but not a restoration). for $1800 in the Shreveport area. It took a couple weeks advertised for $2K on CL to find a buyer.
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I had just done a search of all Ford's that have sold at the Mecum Gone Farming Auctions over the last several years.
A nice 8N that is not perfect but still has paint and isn't all rusty seems to average $1995.
Perfect museum quality resto's have went between $4000 to $6000
And anything over $6000 up into the 20's was a Funk or something with a V8 transplanted into it.

Over here in Canada I just had a guy try to sell me a 49 9N and he wanted $6500 for it. But I bought my 3000 diesel instead. And yes I overpaid for it also, but I wanted it, LOL
I learned something, pretty much everyone on Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace I have had interactions with is dishonest and selling painted up junk, LOL