fuel cut ff valve

charlie wise

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Immensly stupid question -- I cant get my FD20 to start --- went in search of a fuel cut off valve in the injector - but see nothing obvious

Not obvious on wiring diagram - so WHAT STOPS THE TRACTOR WHEN I TURN THE KEY?? -- valve ligter calble was coiled up behind dash since before I had it --- I have also a random wirenot connected to starter switch that appears something to do with the glow plugs so dont know where to attach - it although glowplugs seem to work ok with out it!


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Your tractor has a fuel shut-off solenoid. You should hear a loud click when you turn the key on.
Not sure but it may be on the right side of your engine. I'd do an internet search or normally youtube has videos on where it is and how to test.

charlie wise

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Thank you -- defo will listen for loud click but dont recall that -- Cant see anythign remotely like it on the wiring diagram which is disconcerting!

charlie wise

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I have located the solenoid and a wire (red- hold on) may have been parted -- or I have damaged it when poking around -- all very brittle -- i would like to change the whole unit (eg-MOD NOTE - LINK REMOVED - Links not allowed by new members) but am not optimistic about finding the part ---- there is a spring to the injector pump associated with this set up -- is there some way I could bypass the solenoid with some sort of cable operatign the spring ( i have no idea if the sprign relased is "fuel to pass" or " fuel to stop"!!! -- advice appreciated
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