Gravely Hydro Pro Hydraulics


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I picked up an old Gravely Hydro Pro and the hydraulics are giving me fits. When I first got the machine it was pretty messed up. I have most of the problems fixed and it was doing pretty well. It cuts real well and the engine seems solid.
The ground drive has always been a little hinky when you first started it up but after a few minutes it settled down. The other day was the first time I used it to cut the whole property and after I thought I would adjust the lever on the hand grip to try to bring it closer.
No problem, I thought. Just back the rods out of the coupling a couple of turns. Two hours later I found myself trying to get the speed back and get reverse back.
As it stands right now, I have reverse, I lost the speed and it doesn't want to go up a grade.
All of that from a simple adjustment. What I did find is that if I take my hand of the grip and actually force the hand lever down on both sides, the speed will increase some.
I put new, stronger springs on which helped somewhat.
PLEASE, anybody out there with Gravely Hydraulics experience? I don't even know what model this thing is because the ID plate has been removed.


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