Help I broke my tractor in half!!!


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Magnuson-Moss act of 1975 covers consumer goods. I wonder if it applies to tractors if the tractor is in commercial use.


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I would believe so? I did read the write-up explaining the Magnuson-Moss act a while back. It didn't differentiate between commercial and consumer use.

The act applies to all consumer products, defined as tangible personal property normally used for personal, family, or household purposes. The definition of consumer under the Magnuson-Moss Act is anyone-an individual or a business who buys a consumer product for purposes other than resale.

As warranty's go. Usually the only difference between a commercial warranty and a typical consumer warranty is the amount of time an item is covered. A commercial warranty length will be less time in months than that of a consumer warranty for the same item.


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Wow I read this entire thread that spanned 6 years or more and after all that the guy ended up fixing his own tractor! :beatdeadhorse5:


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Wow I read this entire thread that spanned 6 years or more and after all that the guy ended up fixing his own tractor! :beatdeadhorse5:

It is absolutely amazing the amount of God given talent and ability people have. Rangerdave and his repair crew reminds us all we can do much more than we think we can if we don't give up and use the talent we were given. They are an inspiration to us all!


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Well Hey!!! Thanks for all of that!!! I can only say that since the dreaded repair and modifications, the tractor has been running just fineish....

Really, It has held up well, until last week.... I was mowing a 1 acre field of tallish grass and the PTO went! I'm guessing it is the independent PTO spur gear because I thought at first the drive shaft that had to get re-welded back together snapped, but when I put it in syncro PTO, I can roll the tractor in low gear....

So in Googleing PTO repair, my old threads came up!!! LOL... Now it is off to take apart the whole center section in order to open up the top of the box to see what is hiding inside.... Of course the repair couldn't be as easy as swapping out the syncro gear for the broken independent gear... or the independent gear fell off when the snap ring wore out.... Nope. I betcha a bad sealed bearing went and sheared the pto gear shaft made of unobtanium....