homemade Deltahook type quick hitch


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Good pics myyaz33 , thanks for taking the time to explain as well . I'll have to see if that will work for my kk boxblade I think its very similiar to your yard tool .

I cant remember why it wouldn't hook up to my disc or finish mower though . but I'm begining to think the quick hitch wasn't such a good ideal afterall though it sure dont make sense to have to take a chance of weakening the mounting points of all of my impliments to make hooking them up easier . I just happen to have a pic of my 6 1/2 foot disc on my puter so I'm posting it to compare untill I get out to the shop . :confused2:

the weld you put on there is 5 times or more stronger than the steel it's made of. use L.H or fluxcore for some really strong welds.don't over heat it because you will make the original metal brittle. try cooling it down with a mixture of oil and water. take your time and it will work out nice.