How to rebuild a hydraulic cylinder?


Wish I made that for an hr. of work!:smile: Actually though that is about average. You could do like California and let them repair it , then look at the cylinder to see where they took it apart. That way you will have an idea if it happens with another cylinder, of where to go. There are multiple styles of rams. Some have gland nuts ,some snaprings, some caps. they vary. One thing most have in common is that they are secured on one end. You just have to figure how it secures. But, I do feel pretty sure you have a gland nut on yours (that small ring at the top of the cylinder around the rod). California is correct, some have holes (2) in them, and some have notches (4 or so ) which may require special tools (spanner wrenches). Let us know what you decide to do. We'll help you as much as possible.


Thanks, fellers!
Looking at it closer, looks like a type of flat spring, similar to a key ring, wraps around almost 2 times with a cut-out area on the top end to get a screwdriver or similar under it to start it out.
Anyhow, I don't think I'm gonna have to worry with it, the man has a different baler, a JD 435 he'll let me have instead of this one for the same money. I'll know more this weekend.