Hydraulic Pump Rebuilder


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I have a '41 Ford 9N that is in great condition except for a hydraulic leak down when a heavy implement is connected to the three point hitch.

I rebuilt the top cover with new piston, cylinder and rings a few years ago and I suspect the safety valve is leaking.

If I am going to drain the fluid so I can replace that valve, I might as well rebuild the pump. It is the one component I have never touched. By the way, I have huge hands and a couple of bad discs in my back so its very difficult for me to work through that side panel.

I am in Ohio and wondering if anyone knows a good shop that rebuild these pumps? I would also like to upgrade to the stronger PTO shaft while I have it apart.

Any ideas?



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My idea... let it bleed down. I have a much newer tractor than your 9N and it too bleeds down with a heavy implement attached.
Lighter implements will stay up for ever.