In frame rebuild?

Tom F

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Have a 2006 kubota rtv900 With 896 hours. I don’t no the history of what happened to create the engine problems but do know with testing the Engine has blow bye produced off #3 cylinder and weak compression in other two. My question is would it be beneficial to remove the complete engine and transmission for rebuild or try and do a inframe?


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That would depend upon the cause for loss of compression. It it’s only due to problems in the head….(gasket, valves, crack, etc) ….then it would be simpler in-situ.
If the lower-end had to be repaired … then certainly pulling the engine makes sense.

”blow bye”..?? What do you mean by that and how was that diagnosed?

Tom F

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Compressed air was supplied through glow plug port and strong amount of air is escaping through oil fill at valve cover. Initially I had noticed weak power and running on two cylinders. when checking oil while running I saw pressure out oil dipstick tube. I will probably remove the head and inspect valves and cylinders before determining which route to go. Thanks for your advice.


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These engines are durable BUT it seems like warped heads from overheating is common.

My unit suffered this fate, didn't bother to compression check. When I pulled the head there was an obvious crack. The head was warped but the deck was flat.

Complete OEM heads are available through ebay.