John deere 7000 4row?


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I have a 7000 planter (4rowwide) that I had to replace the steel line that runs inside the main frame that feeds the marker hydraulics. In the process, I lost a couple small pieces (or they weren't there to begin with) inside the marker control valve with is outside of the frame. I was missing the screen,an d the screw in part that goes up against the screen.( which leads me to believe that they were never there to begin with ). I ordered the two new parts and assembled it and cannot make either marker operate. I don't know how much pressure to put on the marker control valve to make it operate. In the process of tearing the whole marker hydraulics out, I cleaned everything up. I'm sure the cylinder was void of any hydraulic fluid by the time I manually operated it to make sure it was tripping the actuator. How many time should I have to cycle the planter up and down to replace the fluid in the cylinder? These are the only two things that I can think of that could be stepping the marker arms from operating.

Any thoughts?.