Kioti NX6010 gear oil lube


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I was checking the gear lube level on the front axle of my NX6010. The owner's manual said to take the dipstick out (which unscrews out) and see if the oil is between the prescribed lines. I unscrewed it (located on the left, top of the front axle) and there was barely any on the end of the dipstick. I screwed it back in (the manual said to put it back in the original position...which would be screwed all the way in) and I then screwed it back out again...the same thing...barely any on the end of the dipstick. so, I then put a quart and almost a half more in. I screwed the dipstick back in and took it out. It showed to be full.
Question. Does this sound right? On lawnmowers, you put the oil dipstick in the hole and do NOT screw it in to check the oil level. But that's a lawnmower.
Seems odd. What do you think?