Leaking gas tank on MF 35


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I posted this in the Massey Ferguson forum but have not gotten any replies, so thought I would try here.

I noticed my MF 35 gas tank is leaking. It is on the bottom of the tank. I can't find a hole, but when I wipe the wet gas off, you can see the area slowly get wet with gas again. It's almost like the gas is seeping through the metal tank. A drop forms about every 10 minutes. I'm not loosing a lot of gas, but I don't like running the tractor with gasoline dripping.

A few years ago I pulled the tank and had it cleaned out and lined. I thought the lining would be good for a while, but apparently not.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Should I try to get it lined again, or just spring for another gas tank? A new tank is around $300.

Thanks, Bob


I'd have a shop look at repairing the hole, even if a patch could be welded on. At that age, I'd suspect corrosion. I'd then have it re-lined, but maybe at a different shop than the previous.