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Don in LA

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Greetings. I'm new here. I have a 1967 Ford 3000, 42 HP Diesel. Yesterday I noticed that my box blade was low on the left side. I checked my owner's manual and it indicated that I could adjust the level using the leveling crank. In 5 years I have never used the crank although I have greased the fitting. I attempted to use the crank but it is stuck. I greased the fitting on the crank with no avail. I used a rubber mallet and I could only get the crank to move 1/4 turn. I didn't want to force it too much. I lightly tapped on the sides of the crank with a hammer and heated it a little with a propane torch. I used wrenches on the crank shaft to supply leverage and still no movement. Any suggestions?




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I'd propose you find a new one. Once you have a source for a new one (they're available from many sources for about $100), try freeing up yours. I like Kroil for loosening frozen parts. If you can't get it free or break it on the process, break down and get a new one.