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have you been able to get a feel on the fuel usage in different uses? the inet says 34 mpg but i know using it on the farm will make a large variation most likely???


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Hey Aurthuritis, I haven't checked the milage . It's like you said here on the farm - timing of the necessary job to be done varies so much. Fast and slow ... it just running to warm up for a short time. ( Don't want to get that engine slap down the road ) . I believe milage is decent though.. not 34 in my usage but it does take a while to get near empty. Next time I fill up , I'll write down the mile/hrs and check this ... I'd like to know too.
By the way, I can't believe the fuel tank fill up is directly above the muffler tail pipe.. I mean directly above. Was glad I had a wad of mud on my tailpipe the other day when I spilled diesel on it. (It was Hot).If it had been gas... it could have been a bad hair day - I have short hair but still...