Newbie Considering X1140, Feedback Welcome


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The X900 I own weighs slightly less than 2K lbs. Sometimes/Usually a ”stuck” vehicle only needs additional traction and isn’t truly a “dead” weight that needs extraction.… But I doubt it will pull a really stuck car out of a ditch whether winch-equipped or not. Even chocking the wheels, a 4K lb Warn winch using a snatch-block might be rated to pull 8K lbs… but that would simply drag the RTV toward any vehicle truly “stuck” in the ditch, I imagine.

The cost of that winch installation (about $1K) could pay for a couple of Tow-Truck Calls…and it’s doubtful that if I got “stuck” somewhere that the event would occur anywhere NEAR my home and/or RTV. If it WERE to occur near home…I’d use my Kubota M4700DT tractor before I’d use the little RTV. …. Soo….if I were to order a new RTV and the winch-option were offered I’d likely turn it down.

I may change my mind and sing its’ praises the day such an event occurs near home and I really need it, however. :LOL:


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I hauled a couple 10x10 and 20x10 sheds home when I had my dump truck and tag float. Not having a tractor big enough to lift them, the winch and a couple pieces of pipe came in real handy to unload and place them.
And you are right about the RTV being light in a hard pull, but that's where you anchor it to a tree or another truck.