Oliver 1800 Diesel

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I recently purchased a Oliver 1800 Diesel, 1963 "C" model. It has a 310 Waukesha Diesel. I am a member of the Badger Steam and Gas club in Wisconsin and want to show this tractor next year. The paint and sheet metal are very good but the engine smokes a lot (but no oil leaks). It starts and runs good but lots of smoke. I guess mostly because its 47 years old and still running. I am planning an engine rebuild including pistons, rings, sleeves, bearings, injector repairs if needed and head rework. I have some local mechanics to help with the motor but would like to find some parts at a good price and hear if there are a few tips to look out or plan for during the process. I know there are not many with experience onthis old of tractor. I am told all this work can be done with out removing the motor. I have already purchased the service manual for this tractor. Any tips are appreciated! Thank you

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I've got an 1850 ( Perkins ) which I rebuilt 2yrs ago. I ran a compression test first so I knew the front 2 cyls were bad, pulled the engine and went for it. When we started it up, it stacked really bad ( ran rich ) and wouldn't burn well under about 13 or 1400rpm. The injectors had a mix of parts from 3 different part numbers, but not any more! After having the injectors and pump rebuilt, it doesn't stack as much and is much smoother, go figure. Should've done the fuel system at the same time, and if it'd been done a few hundred hrs earlier, may not have needed the rebuild. Something about raw fuel running down the cyl walls thats not good for the pistons. I did buy it knowing it needed the rebuild, so the price was right. I'd do the injectors and pump first and go from there. I'm over here across the lake at the South Haven Flywheelers!:) This engine seems to love vegetable oil!