Pasquali Tractor


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This might help ...I found this info via google:

We own AMERICAN PASQUALI and sell parts for pasquali tractors and have information on them. Call us at (603)526-9493 we can help you THANKS Jack

I import Pasquali parts and tractors. 608-429-2774.

Both of these finds were from a few years ago, so I hope they help. Please let us know either way if they help or not.


Ok, you got me there zoom :pat:. Thanks guys, I've dealt with Jack before. I have contacted Mr. Nash as well.. I was hoping there may be some other people that may have some pasqualis they're parting out. Ultimately I will probably get in touch with Jack. Thanks again.


New member out of BC, Canada. Also guy in Calif. Ferrari CIE. Do a google and you will find him. STAY AWAY FROM THE GUY IN NH... From what i have seen on other sites everybody has had a problem with him. Had a friend that tried to get a clutch from him and it took a call to Italy before he got the problems resolved...Get tractors that can go just about anywhere. great power for the size.