Post driver (pusher)


Yes it takes another person to hold the pole if you want the pole dead on in line with others. Or I've got an old pair of vise grips with the big mouth I can use with the holes in the side to hold a t pole if I need to single handed.
I've only put 100 t poles in so far, slightly bowed only one.


Once it warms up, and if it stops raining long enough I'm got an idea for a hay fork that will slip over the buckets leading edge and lock into the pipe above.
There are all kinds of ideas with a receiver hitch on your bucket.:wow: I move my gooseneck trailer with it. When I finish wiring my barn for 50 amps (for a welder), I will make a vise to mount in the hitch, then I can use it on my pickups also.:17875: I like you bale spear idea and will design one of them also.:whistling: Thanks for the idea.:respect:

I want to put a post pusher (detachable) mount (along with a bracket for my hyd. auger) on the end of my 7 foot bucket so I can see it and the ground below it real easy.
hugs, Brandi


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Your welcome, I've been thinking about making a spear for mine. Waiting to see if I'm round bailing or square bailing next year. I'm going to make me something to move the goose neck I just got.