Removing 7308FEL from a NH 1920


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Welcome to the forum and congrats on your "new to you" tractor.
My dad had that setup years ago but I don't recall exact steps.
I think NH loader removal is pretty straight forward and common to many of their models.
Do a youtube search for something like "NH 1920 loader removal". You may see other model tractors but the steps should be similar.
Good luck!
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I have the same loader on a TC-30, there are a lever on both sides by your feet ( deck) pull out pin . Push lever towards front of tractor, plate at bottom swings down, start raising loader. This is done while you are on tractor, front of frame starts coming down, it acts like a stand , back out from loader , then unhook hydralic lines. I hope this helps, if yours is set up like mine ,its easy to do. Take your time and be careful, you might want something in front of loader to keep it from sliding forward.
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