Rtv 500 fuel filter


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Recently purchased a used 2010 RTV 500. The engine starts and runs smoothly but will only get to 19mph on level hard road (I understand max speed is only 25 mph) I plan to change air and fuel filters but having a difficult time locating the fuel filter and cannot even find a part number to purchase one on lines. I am a newbie with the rtv and would appreciate any help and advice..


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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new to you RTV!

I looked around the internet as well and I can't find one either.
I did a parts lookup for the RTV500 on Kubota's site and the fuel filter has a null value. I wonder if it's internal to the tank and not a replacement item.

To be sure, I'd call Messick's and ask.
Parts Hotline: 877-260-3528