RTV X1140 rear bumper

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Does anyone know if the Extreme Metal Products rear bumper for the Kubota RTV X1100C and RTV X1120D will work on a RTV X1140? Has anyone installed one on thier X1140? I have not had a close look at those models but I would think the bed pivot points, where these bumper bolt to, would be fairly similar and in same relative location but I may be mistaken.

I do see Ranch Armor makes one specifically for the X1140 but it starts at $749 and the Extreme Metal Products one is $249 but does not say it fits the X1140. I am thinking of just ordering the Extreme Metal Products one and making it work as I do have a welder and plasma cutter but don't want to reinvent the wheel. I may just be better off fabbing up my own bumper but wanted to see if anyone has installed one. Thanks!



If you go to www.messicks.com look up the bumper for your tractor and click on the part number it will then tell you how many other machines the part will fit. I have found this tool to be one of the most valuable parts of their Kubota parts website. I would have looked it up for you, however, I am not familiar with your machine to know all the details. Many times there will be serial number cuts to a part with one part fitting an older machine with the same model number and a new part for a newer machine. The one thing that I have been doing for the last 20 years of owning a Kubota product is to download and print all the parts pages for future reference. Sometimes parts become obsolete and the part number is removed. If you have a part number you can check with multiple Kubota dealers till you find one that has it in stock. I located a replacement seat for my tractor that way and didn't have to purchase the more expensive "replacement" part number that superseded the original part number.

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I think the bumper for the 850 sidekick would fit. I have not tried it but I plan to maybe this summer. something to look into.